[linux-dvb] Vivanco 21056/LR306 a.k.a. MSI DVB at Anywhere a.k.a LifeView Hybrid doesn't scan

hermann pitton hermann-pitton at arcor.de
Sun Jun 24 02:25:26 CEST 2007


Am Dienstag, den 19.06.2007, 02:01 +0200 schrieb Werner Braun:
> Hartmut,
> >Summing up the test results, i have the impression that this card is 
> different
> >from what we have yet.
> >I am almost sure that the problem lies in the GPIO configuration. Please try 
> >the
> >following:
> >Please keep forcing the card type to 94
> >In the configuration structure (saa7134-dvb.c):
> >static struct tda1004x_config ads_tech_duo_config = {
> >change the entry
> >.gpio_config   = TDA10046_GP00_I,
> >to
> >.gpio_config   = TDA10046_GP10,
> >I expect that this makes DVB-T work but it might break analog TV.
> >Please try also
> >.gpio_config   = TDA10046_GP10_I,
> >This should make analog work again but it might carsh the channel decoder
> >(bad firmware) if this is the case, please report this. It might be necessary 
> >to
> >increase a delay in the channel decoder initialization procedure.
> applied your patches and - guess what - it worked. Even sound worked 
> spontaneously. This is brilliant, thanks a lot. Analog didn't work apart from 
> channel E12 (FAB - Fernsehen aus Berlin). In DVB-T, I haven't been able to 
> tune in into all stations (e.g. RTL, ZDF), but this might be an antenna 
> issue.

Arrgh, the last time I lived there is a while back, but I know that they
first switched over to DVB-T completely on August 2003.

Channel E12 should have made some bell ringing here.

So you are not on analog cable-tv additionally to dvb-t, but get that
one and only that one still from the Alexanderplatz tower over roof


Then we are done so far.


> I will also apply Hermann's patch for the autodetection thing, then there's 
> another card in the database.

If the above is true, we likely can do it.

> Do you need any further card-related informations? Photos, whatsoever?
> Thanks again for this great support.
> Best regards
> Werner

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