[linux-dvb] What adapter to use with Swedish Comhem

Sven Karlsson svenka-lists at sven.karlsson.name
Mon Jun 25 14:37:07 CEST 2007

Hi all!

Sorry if this has been discussed recently. I did look through the
archives but could have missed something...

I am in the process of moving back to Sweden after a few years abroad
and I am looking for a reasonably cheap DVB-C card that works with Linux
and with the Swedish cable operator Com hem.

Some years ago I used a Siemens DVB-C card. I still have the card but I
am looking into getting some more cards.

Can anyone recommend a DVB-C card that:

1) Works without hitches under Linux and MythTV. The stability is of
outmost importance.

2) Works with Com hem and has good and stable CI support.

3) Is not too expensive. MPEG playback functionality is not needed.

4) Can be bought in Sweden.

Also, can someone recommend a CAM that works with Com hem without problems.

The FireDTV offerings seems pretty interesting and you can find them
easily in Sweden. The downside is that there are no Linux drivers. Is
anyone working on any drivers or trying to reverse engineer the box?

Finally, I would also like to hear about any experiences people might
have using MythTV to receive digital TV from Com hem. I have used VDR to
receive TV from Com hem with my Siemens card and MythTV to receive
analog TV but never MythTV to receive DVB streams...

Best regards

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