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Eduard Huguet eduardhc at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 10:40:35 CEST 2007

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> From: "Carsten Aulbert (list)" <carsten at welcomes-you.com>
> To: LinuxTV DVB <linux-dvb at linuxtv.org>
> Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 15:11:24 +0200
> Subject: [linux-dvb] Nova T-500 gets all but single multiplex
> Hi,
> I've browsed the past few months of the archive, but have not found
> something related. If I am wrong, please slab me hard with a URL ;)
> On Friday I installed said card in a friend's machine, installed mythtv
> and everything looked fine (so far Ubuntu 7.04 without the latest hg
> drivers patched into it). All channels were nicely available, but a
> single multiplex was not available, no matter how hard we tried, e.g.
> settings were set automatically or manually.
> I'm currently running out of options on that one. Anyway I could try to
> gather more info on this one?
> "Offending channels":
> On channel number 33 at 570MHz
> http://ngs-germany.de/cms/DVBT/Programme/tabid/65/Default.aspx
> Used parameters from channel.conf:
> ZDF;ZDFmobil:570000:C23D12M16B8T8G8Y0:T:27500:545:546=deu,547=2ch;559=dd:551:0:514:8468:514:0
> 3sat;ZDFmobil:570000:C23D0M16B8T8G8Y0:T:27500:561:562=deu,563=2ch;575=dd:567:0:515:8468:514:0
> ...
> We also tried different aerials, but that didn't change much. Also, the
> multiplex was "on" all the time as we checked with a standard set-top box.
> --
> Greetings
> Carsten

Just as an idea... Are you sure your antenna has the appropiate amplifiers
for that frequency? I had a similar experience (the Nova-T 500 locking only
on a reduced number of channels and a standalone receiver on all of them),
and the problem solved when the building administrators added the amplifiers
for all the frequencies that missed.

It turns that the signal amplifier in most standalone players is waaaay more
powerful than the Nova-T one, so they are able to lock on the minimal signal
capted directly by the antenna, but this is not the case for the card.

  Eduard Huguet
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