[linux-dvb] What adapter to use with Swedish Comhem

Mattias Bergsten fnord at fnord.nu
Wed Jun 27 21:11:22 CEST 2007

Sven Karlsson wrote:
> 1) Works without hitches under Linux and MythTV. The stability is of
> outmost importance.
> 2) Works with Com hem and has good and stable CI support.
> 3) Is not too expensive. MPEG playback functionality is not needed.
> 4) Can be bought in Sweden.

I'm using two Terratec Cinergy 1200 DVB-C in Linux (2.6.21 has native 
support for the new MK3 version) with MythTV. Can't answer for it's CI 
support, I'm using a softcam/Phoenix interface solution since I had the 
Phoenix lying around already and I wanted a dual-tuner solution.

They were about 600 + VAT from Deltaco when I bought them. See URL:


I've had them in my Myth box for three or four months now, haven't had 
any trouble. They are a bit pickier about signal quality than Comhem's 
old Sagem box, but if you have good signal (or get yourself an 
amplifier) you're home free.

> Also, can someone recommend a CAM that works with Com hem without problems.

Any original Conax cam will work. Check the wiki for recommended CAMs.

> Finally, I would also like to hear about any experiences people might
> have using MythTV to receive digital TV from Com hem. I have used VDR to
> receive TV from Com hem with my Siemens card and MythTV to receive
> analog TV but never MythTV to receive DVB streams...

DVB in Myth is incredibly easy. All in all, after getting used to Myth 
(which took a while), the complete installation from compiling SVN to 
watching TV probably took me an hour or two. Scanning channels can't be 
easier, swedb has all the listings.. everything basically just works.


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