[linux-dvb] DViCO Dual Digital 4 and remote

Michael Krufky mkrufky at linuxtv.org
Fri Jun 29 14:47:30 CEST 2007

Petey Leinonen wrote:
> --- Peter Fern <v4l at obfusc8.org> wrote:
>> Craig Cook wrote:
>>> Try the instructions for the original dvico dual tuner...
>> Yeppo, the dev/input stuff is what you want, probably also worth writing 
>> some udev rules, or using the by-id links in /dev/input to ensure you 
>> don't get ordering problems with the eventX dev numbering if you have a 
>> keyboard or other input device attached.
> Thanks Craig & Peter, I wasn't aware it should be using the /dev/input device
> entries. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be any valid entries for the
> remote. I have 3 /dev/input/eventX entries, 1 for keyboard, 1 for mouse and 1
> for speaker(?). 
> I deduce from one of the links I should be seeing a line like the following
> when the DualDigital4 is initialised:
> "input: IR-receiver inside an USB DVB receiver as /class/input/input2"
> which is not there for me.
> I'll investigate further.


It's not going to work.

The Dual Digital 4 uses a new API for the remote control -- completely different from that of the earlier bluebird-based devices.

I think I've figured it out, though.  In the original bluebird, we send 0x47, and read back 4 bytes, interpret those as remote control key codes...  In the bluebird2 (Dual Digital4, DVB-T Nano, ATSC Nano), it appears as if we just need to read those same 4 bytes from i2c addr 0x6b.

I believe that this 0x6b is the same ir chip found in the FusionHDTV RT models.

I'll prepare a patch and send it in a few hours.  (first I must drive to work ;-) )

Which remote control comes with the DD4 ??  There are four DViCO remotes that I am aware of:

1) MCE Remote
2) Black remote (older one)
3) tiny grey remote
4) new grey remote

^^^ I know, my descriptions above leave much to be desired.

If you could find a photo of it, that would help.  Worst case scenario, I can send you a patch to enable the IR, and you may have to program the remote keymap (We already have keymaps ready for 1, 2, and 3 -- only 4 needs programming, but I have that one here, and plan to take care of it over the weekend)

Anyway, do not lose hope, but don't waste your time trying right now.

I'll get back to you shortly.



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