[linux-dvb] Re: Nova-T 500 (dvb_usb_dib0700) usb disconnects

Jonas Larsson linuxdvb at larsson.eu.com
Thu Mar 1 21:36:11 CET 2007

Patrick Boettcher wrote:
> Hi Antti,
> beside the XactErr which is not OK, there is maybe the chance to fix the 
> disconnect issue:
> Can you please try to increase the URB buffer size by 1KB?
> you change .buffersize = 39480, to 40504.

I've been following this thread, hoping to see a solution to the
Nova-T disconnect issue being found. I did some tests with this
new buffersize.

I've changed the buffersize ( as above and tried it with
the 3 available firmwares. In all cases did this make the problem
much worse! I used to have one disconnect each 24-30 hours, now it took
less than 1 hour. Event though this is bad it's a clue to what is
really going wrong. Did anyone analyse what sizes the windows driver
uses? Or does it also suffer from disconnects? Any other sizes that
may be interesting?

I can do more tests on my system if you need help. Just ask me...

/ Jonas

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