[linux-dvb] Turbo Sight TBS Q-Box DVB-S receiver

chazim chazim at bellsouth.net
Fri Mar 2 15:09:14 CET 2007

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I think I'm starting to see what needed to get a device working, and 
listed, for Linux operation. I admit I'm a software wienie, I'm better 
with hardware component level. So, I hope this is a good starting point.

I have a TBS Q-Box DVB-S USB 2.0, receiver by Turbo Sight inc. Photos 
and info sent to btty gallery. Looks similar (size and shape) to Opera 
DVB-S1 unit.
It (U1) uses a Cyperss cy7c60813A-56pvxc chip, for it's usb 2.0 
interface, It's Simular to MSI Digi VOX, Xilinx Spartan.
U2's ID is unreadable (I think it's ram because it ties back to U1's 
data and address pins, but, unknown size), (OEM contacted, usual games 
in progress).
U3 is a 24c02bn (I think this eeprom holding the bootstrap for U1).
There is no direct Tuner ID available, But, the tuner is synthetic like 
the KNC1, Kworld , Cinergy etc units. The chips found inside the tuner 
are STV0299B (QPSK/BPSK de-mod, DiSEqC, ) & ST68000 (frontend pre-scalier ?)
The remote IR sensor (32B) is part of the unit, so, it talks through 
(U1) back to the system. Hand unit bares striking resemblance to Xilinx 
Spartan DVB-S or, Yakumo's DVB-T unit, so, those remote codes should be 
the same..

OK, so I've been scanning the list for over a month, to get a clue 
what's needed. I hope this is enough info to get me up and running.

thanks in advance

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