[linux-dvb] Afatech 9015 & QT1010 *was* Unbranded USB DVB device afatech af9005

Tim Small tim at buttersideup.com
Fri Mar 2 22:26:42 CET 2007


Just a quick note to say that I tested out Luca's 9005 code with 2.6.18 
+ the hg repository, and it seemed to work fine.

I was originally sold the (unlabelled) 9005 as being a USB2.0 device 
(which it isn't), and since the reception with my 9005 was worse than my 
Pinnacle 300i PCI card, and the 9005 isn't going to have enough 
bandwidth for HD broadcasts stuff (I think), I got the seller to swap it 
for a 9015...

So, I'm happy to test any 9015 code, and may even be able to help out a 
bit, if I have time.  I've written one Linux kernel i2c host driver 
before, and a couple of trivial PCI drivers, but no USB stuff....



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