[linux-dvb] please help with artec t1 an2235

Steven Cleary steven_c_gbr at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 3 18:11:01 CET 2007

--- michel moalem <michelaccess at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> hi there been trying to get this piece of s*** card working on
> linux for 
> ages with no success. tried on various distros and at the
> moment running 
> ubuntu edgy so would like to make it working on it (also i am
> going to 
> test feisty alpha 5 once it finishes downloading just in
> case...)

Hi Michel,

I too am having trouble with the Artec T1.  I posted a question
about a month ago but no one here knows how to make it work.  If
I find anything useful, I’ll post again; I’d be grateful if you
could do the same.


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