[linux-dvb] please help with artec t1 an2235

michel moalem michelaccess at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Mar 3 22:06:01 CET 2007


can report some success!

installed ubuntu feisty herd 5 (alpha) hoping the newer kernel will work

updated and upgraded through apt

followed the installation on:


replacing the nebula firmware with the an2235 one and answering
accordingly after make config ('m' to the dibcom ones) and rebooted

plugged in the artec t1 and it lighted up green and lsusb recognised it
as dibcom dvb device and so is dmesg

now i have to figure out what software i can use to scan and record...
and than hope it will work on feisty alpha...

but this is the furthest i ever got with this card and i'm happy



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