[linux-dvb] Tuner sensitivity - details not on linux dvb wiki?

Viktor Avramov drvik at bigpond.net.au
Sun Mar 4 08:53:09 CET 2007

Despite the thoroughness of the wiki I have not been able to find information
on the tuning performance of the various devices supported by linux DVB.

I am trying to find a DVB-T card to add to my existing system.  My understanding
is that a sensitive tuner will give more reliable performance (I am in a difficult
reception area but generally get good performance from my DVICO T! and
DNTV Live (clone) which both use cx88, mt352 and a Thomson 7579 tuner.

I have tried a Nova T 500 with and without LNA enabled and found it to be quite
unreliable with my reception system.

So is anyone aware of any direct tuner comparisons available on the web?
I have had limited success...

Does anyone have any strong recommendations on the best combinations of
PCI bridge chip, demodulator or tuner??


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