[linux-dvb] Tuner sensitivity - details not on linux dvb wiki?

Viktor Avramov drvik at bigpond.net.au
Sun Mar 4 13:34:59 CET 2007

I thought the MT352 is a demodulator...  isn't the tuner a separate entity??  
For example my cards both use a MT352 demod and they also both have a Thomson 
7579 tuner.... so it may be that your devices both had the MT352 but 
different tuners... here's what I discovered on the wiki


incidentally, was the misbehaving USB stick one of the ones listed between 
33-42 in the following list??



On Sunday 04 March 2007 23:02, Nico Sabbi wrote:
> Nico Sabbi wrote:
> > Thomas Pinz - DC2RPT wrote:
> >> In my personal experience, the differences between the devices are
> >> most time very small and i could not recommend a device which is
> >> better than all others.
> >>
> >> Kind regards,
> >> Thomas Pinz
> >
> > theory apart (that I don't understand at all), in my experience
> > some cards have abysmally better tuning performance than others,
> > in the sense that while my Airstar2 receives everything available here
> > with exceptional signal integrity other pci/usb receivers I tried
> > either received absolutely nothing or at most 2/3 of the frequencis
> > tuned by
> > the Airstar2, often with a lot of glitches.
> I forgot to say that the worst receiver I tried (an usb stick
> that tuned next to nothing) had the same demodulator as the Airstar2
> (the mt352);
> this fact alone says a lot about the quality of the single tuners

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