[linux-dvb] Tuner sensitivity - details not on linux dvb wiki?

Tim Small tim at buttersideup.com
Sun Mar 4 17:34:55 CET 2007

As another respondent has said, there are different types of signal
degradation.  That having been said - I suppose one answer could be a 
little web app which lets people comparatively rank two different 
models, and aggregates the results into an overall rank.

Optionally, it could collect info about what type of interference, is
most prevalent for that person (if available).

The specific problems that I have in my area are a weak overall signal,
with a fair bit of multi-path, and the sort of impulse interference that
you get in urban areas, plus co-channel interference in some weather

FWIW, I found my Pinnacle 300i PCI (mt352, mt2050) to be better than a
no-name Afatech 9005 USB stick (mt2060), but both were worse than the
Panasonic standalone DVB-T set-top box which I borrowed from a friend.

I found an in-line variable attenuator useful for making comparisons....



Viktor Avramov wrote:
> Despite the thoroughness of the wiki I have not been able to find information
> on the tuning performance of the various devices supported by linux DVB.
> I am trying to find a DVB-T card to add to my existing system.  My understanding
> is that a sensitive tuner will give more reliable performance (I am in a difficult
> reception area but generally get good performance from my DVICO T! and
> DNTV Live (clone) which both use cx88, mt352 and a Thomson 7579 tuner.
> I have tried a Nova T 500 with and without LNA enabled and found it to be quite
> unreliable with my reception system.
> So is anyone aware of any direct tuner comparisons available on the web?
> I have had limited success...
> http://www.xpmediacentre.com.au/community/product-reviews/2223-tiny-usb2-digital-tuner-review.html
> Does anyone have any strong recommendations on the best combinations of
> PCI bridge chip, demodulator or tuner??
> Viktor

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