[linux-dvb] Nova-T 500 user experience (Juha Ruotsalainen) Re: Nova-T 500 user experience

Eduard Huguet eduardhc at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 16:53:19 CET 2007

> Hi there,
> I was wondering, does every Nova-T 500 owner (using it on Linux) suffer
from the USB disconnect malfunction? Or is there someone out there who runs
> it perfectly? My setup (Ubuntu 6.10 + kernel + latest v4l dvb
Mercurial) suffers from usb disconnects, and  because of that, kernel
> --
> jussi

   I've been following this topic on the mailing list without intervining,
as (AFAIK at least...) I've never suffered this issue. I have a Nova-T 500
card mounted on a Asus P1-AH2 barebone (AMD-64), running Sabayon Linux
64-bit edition and MythTV 0.20.

   I really can't say if this has never happened, maybe I didn't notice it
or else I simply don't leave the system enough hours working (with tuning
activity, I mean...).

One problem that I do suffer is that I can't detect any channels from within
MythTV. I need to manually scan them by using dvbscan and then import the
channels.conf file. Doing so, I can watch all the channels in my area. I
don't receive any EIT info, though. I wonder if this is because of the
relatively poor signal in my area or precisely because the channels are
externally scanned and then MythTV doesn't have all the required info to
receive EIT data.

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