[linux-dvb] Problem with keys repeated

Ville-Pekka Vainio vpivaini at cs.helsinki.fi
Tue Mar 6 17:52:48 CET 2007

David Härdeman kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika tiistai, 6. maaliskuuta 2007 
> On Tue, March 6, 2007 13:20, Dom H said:
> > I've updated my machine and now my Logitech remote is giving me multiple
> > events on a single keypress. I use the Logitech learning remote as a
> > relacement for the original (which works fine) Card is a Hauppauge Win-TV
> > Nova-T which I believe uses the budget-ci driver, I've heard this has
> > been changed recently and this may be the problem? I've tried booting
> > with a previous kernel but this doesn't work either as I assumed it was
> > the built in driver changing that was causing the problem. Confused.
> I've already answered your question on the LIRC list. Did you try using
> kbd-utils to change the repeat rate? You might also try loading ir-common
> with the parameter "repeat=0".

I've been having the same kind of problems with Technotrend C-1500 and it's 
bundled remote (a grey one). I tried loading ir-common with repeat=0, but 
still it seems to take quite a long time before the keypress gets generated. 
It feels like I anyway have to invoke some kind of "repeat handling" to get 
the keypress through.

Then, if I keep pressing the key after one keypress has been generated, it 
sometimes generates no repeat keypresses, sometimes one or two more 
keypresses. And all this with repeat=0. As you might imagine, controlling VDR 
is a bit of a challenge right now. I had no problems with this remote before 
the recent changes to the IR handling. 

Ville-Pekka Vainio
vpivaini at cs.helsinki.fi

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