[linux-dvb] Nova-T 500 Channel scanning + EIT + Kernel oops...

Eduard Huguet eduardhc at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 08:28:32 CET 2007

    Following these days the topic on the Nova-T 500 USB disconnects and so,
yesterday I decided to give MythTV channel scanning another try, at least so
I could generate a report and send it to *janne-dvb.
   To my surprise, this time, for any unknown reason maybe related to Moon
phase or some rare astrological combination this time it worked. I could
scan (nearly...) all the available channels in my area, and once done almost
instantaneosly I started to receive the EIT data.

   The bad news is that a got a kernel oops (what does it mean...?) after a
short time. I'm not sure if it ocurred while MythTV was doing uniquely the
EIT scanning or while I was trying to watch TV using the new detected
channels (I removed the old ones imported through channels.conf, so now I
only have the ones detected by Myth. They were the same channels but used
different numbers, so they were duplicated).

  So, in a nutshell:

   - MythTV channel scanning seems to work now.
   - Shortly after I was able to receive EIT data I got a kernel oops.
   Never got one before.

   I don't know if kernel oops is related to USB disconnection. However, it
seems reasonable to suspect that the EIT reception has something to do with
this problems, as I never experienced problems with this card before.

For now, I've left the EIT scanning turned off and will rely solely on the
internet guides. If the kernel oops comes back I'll notify it.

Cheers, and congrats for your hard work!
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