[linux-dvb] Re: Nova-T 500 user experience

Eduard Huguet eduardhc at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 12:21:10 CET 2007

> Subject:
> Hi there, again,
> A new survey to Nova-T 500 owners: how many USB-hubs do you have in your
> system? My system has three: USB 1.1 integrated on motherboard, USB 2.0 on
> PCI-slot (for Nebula's USB DVB), and Nova-T 500. My reasoning: could this
> really be a USB-problem, that only manifests itself with these kinds of
> setups.
> Slaínte,
> --

Only the integrated USB of my motherboard (apart from the card itself). This
is an ASUS P1-AH2 barebone PC, which has only 4 USB  ports, 2 in front and 2
backwards. I don't know if they belong to the same 'host', though (probably

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