[linux-dvb] [RFC] Reviewed development procedures DVBMaintainer

Steven Toth stoth at hauppauge.com
Fri Mar 9 15:04:07 CET 2007

>> That someone fucks up and talks bullshit, that's
>> to be expected from a human being.
>> But that's something entirely different than malice.
> In January 2006 I got told that I should implement the xc3028 just as
> all other external tuner modules are implemented without a tuner-core
> dependency, it end up that the tuner-core would need modularization
> since all external v4l tuners are compiled into the tuner-core.

I suspect the other person gave the best advice they could at the time. 
Maybe that advise is no longer true or valid. Either way, the person 
offered the best advise I suspect. Maybe in the future you should seek 
advise from multiple sources to validate any long term development approach.

For anyone to turn around and complain sounds petty and unprofessional.

If you're really interested in moving the general Linux community 
forward then you will stop henceforth blaming other people and 
aggressively push two or three alternative solutions. If you are 
passionate enough about your work then you need to promote your ideas 
enough that people either accept one of your suggestions, or recommend 
an alternative approach. Passion and perseverance is required, not moaning.

Likewise, the other developers have an obligation to review your ideas 
and discuss/describe the areas of concern, offering constructive 
feedback. It's unacceptable to refuse a colleagues patch and not offer 
any advise. I know this has NOT happened. I know alternatives were given 
to you.

I suggest you stop the bickering and begin working with your Linux peers 
again, help us to find the right solution.

Half working drivers and/or badly integrated features are one of the 
major reasons people turn to Windows instead of Linux.

I hereby offer to help review any alternative suggestions you may have 
without bias or prejudice. I'll need other members to help.


(Sorry, off topic but based on recent discussion in IRC this had to be 

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