[linux-dvb] Re: Nova-T 500 Channel scanning + EIT + Kernel oops...

Antti P Miettinen ananaza at iki.fi
Mon Mar 12 11:14:39 CET 2007

Patrick Boettcher <patrick.boettcher at desy.de> writes:
> I have the feeling, that you spending your time for nothing - and that 
> this is my fault.

No problem. I have this funny idea that learning is never in vain :-)

> Have you ever tried to use the Nova-T 500 in Windows with the same 
> intensity as it is done by MythTV and/or VDR (in EPG-scan and 
> channel-scan mode)? I think you will see the problem also - even though 
> not 100% sure due to differences in the USB-transfer-stack.

Nope - I only briefly tried the card in windows to take the usb
trace. I'm using VDR in Linux. Would it be useful to test the card for
extended periods in windows? I'm afraid I'll run into other
instability issues with the windows machine :-)

> However debugging the usblog to get i2c-messages is not really useful, 
> because the demod-driver for LinuxTV and Windows is coming from the exact 
> same source.

OK - so I won't spend more time on that then.

One question though - since the frontend attach failed with the
firmware I extracted from the Hauppauge windows drivers, is it then
that this firmware is not compatible with the Linux driver?

> Was the disconnect still related to a "babble" using the bigger buffers? 
> If so, try to increase the buffer again to 64KB. Or try to reduce it to 
> 1KB (or 512Byte) and at the same increase the number of URBs to 50.

I thought that the "babble" bit was never set, but sed'ing through my
kernel logs revealed two token values with "babble" bit set (out of
1887 transaction errors). Those token values with "babble" bit set
were _not_ transaction errors associated with a disconnects. I'd
say the disconnects do _not_ seem to be associated with babble.


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