[linux-dvb] receiving a low-rate TV channel

Evangelos Stergiou evangelos.stergiou at fileas.com
Mon Mar 12 18:19:26 CET 2007


I am broadcasting a low-rate TV channel by satellite. 
The TV channel only consists of fixed images that change once in a while.
Each image consists of a couple of I frames only. No B or P frames at all.
The rate of that TV channel is 64 Kbps. 

I am trying to receive my channel using the latest Linux version of VLC, compiled with DVB-S support. 
VLC does not display my channel. It detects a TV channel, but it cannot display it. 
It displays however any other channel that has a higher bitrate. 
Same thing with Mplayer and Xine.
So I suspect this to be caused by the lower level DVB driver used in Linux : the linuxtv one.

Moreover, some set-top DVB-S receivers (like Neta and some Nokia) actually can receive my channel without problem.
Some others with errors, and some not at all.

What's in the DVB specification that causes such discrepancy in the behaviour of low-rate reception?
Is there something I can do (in the linuxtv driver code, or elsewhere) so that I can receive my channel correctly?

Thank you for your ideas. 

Evan Stergiou 
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