[linux-dvb] DSM-CC Synchronized Download Protocol

Thomas Lagemann thomas.lagemann at stud.tu-ilmenau.de
Tue Mar 13 20:29:09 CET 2007

Johannes Stezenbach schrieb:
> On Tue, Mar 13, 2007, Thomas Lagemann wrote:
>> I'm looking for information in the "DSM-CC Synchronized Download 
>> Protocol". In an amandment to MPEG-2 "Systems" this is stated to be a 
>> synchronous method of delivering data in an MPEG-2 stream.  It's said 
>> that the data is inserted into DSM-CC Download sections which carry a 
>> PTS entry for synchronization. But i can't find any information about 
>> this in 13818-6 which secifies DSM-CC.
>> Maybe someone can explain me this, or hand me an article for further 
>> reading.
> I have no idea what it is but ISO lists this:
> ISO/IEC 13818-6:1998/Amd 2:2000
> http://www.iso.org/iso/en/CatalogueDetailPage.CatalogueDetail?CSNUMBER=33123&ICS1=35&ICS2=40&ICS3=
thanks, that explains at least why there's nothing to find in the 
original specification. But it seems the paper is not available for 
free. Before i spend money on this (though its not much) id like to know 
a bit more about it. Also most of the iso standard papers do not include 
much info about the practical use.
So maybe anyone who worked with this can explain me some details:
- does this method require flow-control (kommunication with the server)?
- what are the requirements for a receiver to manage dsm-cc download 
sections ?
- is there support of this method in DVB? (since i only know of the 
DSM-CC caraousel being used in DVB)


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