[linux-dvb] fmd1216 integration

Steven Toth stoth at hauppauge.com
Thu Mar 15 03:42:37 CET 2007

> That shouldn't make a difference.  If the tuner is different enough that it
> needs a different configuration, then it will just need to be added as a
> new tuner type.  Shouldn't make any difference to existing users of the
> fmd1216me.
> Of course I'm sure the card makers will switch tuners without changing
> their model numbers!  Leading to the problem of how do you tell which tuner
> the card has?  Maybe they'll be so kind as to stick the tuner on a
> different i2c address as well as put something in the eeprom.

You are correct.

However, I know Hauppauge identify it as a new tuner type in the eeprom, 
that will help a little.



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