[linux-dvb] Re: TwinhanDTV MagicBox Pro (DVB-T/Analogue)

Christian Stoessel christian at cstoessel.de
Thu Mar 15 05:47:51 CET 2007

>> I have a "TwinhanDTV MagicBox Pro (DVB-T/Analogue)" as listed in your
>> "Unspecified/Unkown devices" section at hand.
> Hmmmm, is there no linux driver for this one yet? I've got a Mac driver 
> for it in my CVS repository if anyone's interested (digital part only).
> It uses a ULi M9207 so I imagine it'd be easy to add support for it, 
> seeing as how you guys have already got an M920X driver.

Maybe someone can do something based on this Mac driver.
I did not find anything about this Box/chipset in the internet. It was 
not just a 5 minute search. Just bad luck?

lsusb tells the following:
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 13d3:3211 IMC Networks

This is what usbview says:

Another thing I read today is, that it can only be connected to USB 2.0. 
I will check this on a Windows machine tomorrow.

Greetings Christian

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