[linux-dvb] Re: Update on Nova-T 500 + EIT + kernel oops...

Antti P Miettinen ananaza at iki.fi
Thu Mar 15 11:54:51 CET 2007

"Eduard Huguet" <eduardhc at gmail.com> writes:
>   So, in a nutshell: the "official" 2.6.20 kernel driver + the original
> firmware file doesn't seem to provoque USB disconnects here, even
> with EIT on.

My kernel is ubuntu dapper 2.6.15, dvb drivers from hg (4d012cd162f5)
and I can run days without problems with the original firmware, but I
have had disconnects with this combo. They are just very rare for me
with the 01 firmware. I'm using VDR.

By the way, the firmware I extracted from the Hauppauge windows
drivers does not work even after I byteswapped the addresses. I start
getting transaction errors immediately after firmware load:

[17179591.324000] dvb-usb: downloading firmware from file 'dvb-usb-dib0700-h3.3c.fw'
[17179591.524000] dib0700: firmware started successfully.
[17179592.028000] ehci_hcd 0000:03:0c.2: XactErr, ep0out, token=00080248
[17179592.028000] ehci_hcd 0000:03:0c.2: devpath 1 ep0out 3strikes,t=00080248

etc and frontend attach fails

[17179592.092000] -E-  DiB3000P/MC #1: not identified
[17179592.108000] dvb-usb: no frontend was attached by 'Hauppauge Nova-T 500 Dual DVB-T'


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