[linux-dvb] 8051 firmware disassembly

Pierre Willenbrock pierre at pirsoft.de
Thu Mar 15 13:19:46 CET 2007

Hi nick,

Nick Andrew schrieb:
> I figure this may take only a minute for the right person, and
> it can't hurt to ask, so ...
> I have a 3k firmware image for 8051. Is there anybody who can
> disassemble this file for me?  The file seems to contain some
> code and some data, so naturally the disassembly will need to
> deduce which is which. I think the first 3 bytes are a jump
> instruction so there is a known code entry point.

you are right, thats the boot-vector as described in the 8051 manual. it
is freely available from intel. the other entry point used is the
ie1-vector at 0x0013.

I already did dissect the firmware. results are here:


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