[linux-dvb] KNC-1 DVB-T + Cineview + Conax cam == ERROR

Niels Drost ndrost at cs.vu.nl
Thu Mar 15 19:43:14 CET 2007


I've recently bought a KNC-1 DVB-T card, a Cineview module and a Conax
CAM. And the CAM doesn't work :( I've turned on some debug output, and I
get the following when I insert it:


budget-av: cam inserted B
budget_av: ciintf_slot_reset(): ciintf_slot_reset
TUPLE type:0x1d length:4
  0x00: 0x00 .
  0x01: 0xdb .
  0x02: 0x08 .
  0x03: 0xff .
TUPLE type:0x1c length:3
  0x00: 0x00 .
  0x01: 0x08 .
  0x02: 0xff .
TUPLE type:0x15 length:18
  0x00: 0x05 .
  0x01: 0x00 .
  0x02: 0x4e N
  0x03: 0x45 E
  0x04: 0x4f O
  0x05: 0x54 T
  0x06: 0x49 I
  0x07: 0x4f O
  0x08: 0x4e N
  0x09: 0x00 .
  0x0a: 0x4e N
  0x0b: 0x50 P
  0x0c: 0x34 4
  0x0d: 0x00 .
  0x0e: 0x43 C
  0x0f: 0x49 I
  0x10: 0x00 .
  0x11: 0xff .
TUPLE type:0x20 length:4
  0x00: 0xff .
  0x01: 0xff .
  0x02: 0x01 .
  0x03: 0x00 .
TUPLE type:0x1a length:21
  0x00: 0x01 .
  0x01: 0x0f .
  0x02: 0xfe .
  0x03: 0x01 .
  0x04: 0x01 .
  0x05: 0xc0 .
  0x06: 0x0e .
  0x07: 0x41 A
  0x08: 0x02 .
  0x09: 0x44 D
  0x0a: 0x56 V
  0x0b: 0x42 B
  0x0c: 0x5f _
  0x0d: 0x43 C
  0x0e: 0x49 I
  0x0f: 0x5f _
  0x10: 0x56 V
  0x11: 0x31 1
  0x12: 0x2e .
  0x13: 0x30 0
  0x14: 0x30 0
TUPLE type:0x1b length:14
  0x00: 0xc2 .
  0x01: 0x41 A
  0x02: 0x09 .
  0x03: 0x37 7
  0x04: 0x55 U
  0x05: 0x4d M
  0x06: 0x5d ]
  0x07: 0x56 V
  0x08: 0x56 V
  0x09: 0xaa .
  0x0a: 0x60 `
  0x0b: 0x20  
  0x0c: 0x03 .
  0x0d: 0x03 .
TUPLE type:0x1b length:38
  0x00: 0xcf .
  0x01: 0x04 .
  0x02: 0x19 .
  0x03: 0x37 7
  0x04: 0x55 U
  0x05: 0x4d M
  0x06: 0x5d ]
  0x07: 0x56 V
  0x08: 0x56 V
  0x09: 0x22 "
  0x0a: 0x20  
  0x0b: 0xc0 .
  0x0c: 0x09 .
  0x0d: 0x44 D
  0x0e: 0x56 V
  0x0f: 0x42 B
  0x10: 0x5f _
  0x11: 0x48 H
  0x12: 0x4f O
  0x13: 0x53 S
  0x14: 0x54 T
  0x15: 0x00 .
  0x16: 0xc1 .
  0x17: 0x0e .
  0x18: 0x44 D
  0x19: 0x56 V
  0x1a: 0x42 B
  0x1b: 0x5f _
  0x1c: 0x43 C
  0x1d: 0x49 I
  0x1e: 0x5f _
  0x1f: 0x4d M
  0x20: 0x4f O
  0x21: 0x44 D
  0x22: 0x55 U
  0x23: 0x4c L
  0x24: 0x45 E
  0x25: 0x00 .
TUPLE type:0x14 length:0
Valid DVB CAM detected MANID:ffff DEVID:1 CONFIGBASE:0x1fe
Set configoption 0xf, read configoption 0xf
DVB CAM validated successfully
dvb_ca_en50221_wait_if_status succeeded timeout:0
dvb_ca adapter 0: DVB CAM link initialisation failed :(


With some further digging in the dvb_ca_en50221.c file (and some extra
debugging statements) I found the error actually occurs on line 669,
when the read_data function finds out the cam module reported a

 /* check for read error (RE should now be 0) */
if ((status = ca->pub->read_cam_control(ca->pub, slot, CTRLIF_STATUS)) <
	goto exit;
if (status & STATUSREG_RE) {
	ca->slot_info[slot].slot_state = DVB_CA_SLOTSTATE_LINKINIT;
        status = -EIO;
        goto exit; <<-- exits from function here...

And that ended my search. Any idea how I can find out what actually


Niels Drost

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