[linux-dvb] Anubis Electronics "Lifeview"(0x10fd:0x1513)

Hartmut Hackmann hartmut.hackmann at t-online.de
Fri Mar 16 00:36:16 CET 2007


Michael Krufky schrieb:
> Hartmut,
> Hartmut Hackmann wrote:
>> RFC: should we make this a configuration option?
>> I would tend to add an entry "ts_mode" to tda1004x_config
>> which defaults to parallel (0) to remain backward compatible. At least
>> the standard modes should turn the other output off to avoid noise.
>> I can prepare a experimental patch for this to cross-check.
> To me, this sounds like a good idea.  There are already some other demod drivers
> that are doing the same thing.  For instance, inside lgdt330x-config, lgdt330x has:
> /* MPEG hardware interface - 0:parallel 1:serial */
> int serial_mpeg;
> ... in practice, some devices are using parallel, while others are using serial.
> I think you should go ahead with your patch.
> Regards,
> Michael Krufky
Jep. It was a matter of time when the first card occurs which uses a serial
I will post a patch the next days.


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