[linux-dvb] Re: Update on Nova-T 500 + EIT + kernel oops...

Matt Doran matt.doran at papercut.biz
Fri Mar 16 01:34:10 CET 2007

Antti P Miettinen wrote:
> "Eduard Huguet" <eduardhc at gmail.com> writes:
>>   So, in a nutshell: the "official" 2.6.20 kernel driver + the original
>> firmware file doesn't seem to provoque USB disconnects here, even
>> with EIT on.
> My kernel is ubuntu dapper 2.6.15, dvb drivers from hg (4d012cd162f5)
> and I can run days without problems with the original firmware, but I
> have had disconnects with this combo. They are just very rare for me
> with the 01 firmware. I'm using VDR.
Same here.  I'm running the 2.6.20 ubuntu kernel with original 
firmware.  Disconnects don't happen very often, but they do happen 
enough to be annoying.
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