[linux-dvb] HVR4000 Support

Bob linux-dvb at bgcomp.co.uk
Fri Mar 16 21:54:45 CET 2007

On Friday 16 March 2007 17:41, Steven Toth wrote:
> Darron Broad wrote:
> > In message <45FAB175.6090803 at hauppauge.com>, Steven Toth wrote:
> >
> > Hi Steve.
> >
> >> Darron Broad wrote:
> >
> > <...>
> >
> >> Has anyone had a chance to try the stoth/hvr4000 tree after the recent
> >> fixes? It's certainly going through the correct motioned for tuning now.
> >> (I don't have a feed available for testing right now).
> >
> > I just pulled and installed the repo and DVB-S works fine in kaffeine.
> >
> > The combined bug fixes are a success.
> >
> > I don't know how to test DVB-S2, but I will hunt around for a clue.
> I hand modified dvbtune with some extra args to send via the new API (as
> well as the old). I can make that available if you need it, that what I
> used for testing in Europe on Astra 19.2. I patches version 0.05, now
> that I look at the sourceforge.net site, it hasn't changed from 0.5 for
> 3 years. :(
> This won't help you unless you're running with the multiproto API.
> I just assumed other dvb tools (by now) would be updated and I'd drop my
> patches.
> >> Remember, DiSEqC is not implemented.
> >
> > Understood. I've resorted to using a nokia 9600s on a priority
> > switch to send diseqc down the wire :-) If you have any idea how
> > Diseqc is done on the hvr4000 please say, it would appreciated
> > and I am willing to investigate and implement if possible.
> I have to look back through my notes but this is pretty trivial, let me
> look into this. From memory, we receive a buffer of bytes, we reformat
> the buffer into a cx24116 firmware command and execute it.
> In summary then: existing DVBS tuning is working fine (without DiSEqC)
> using the current hvr4000 tree. That's good news.

DVB-S seem to be working fine here as well, at least with kaffine.

Trying it with mythtv all I get is 
Warning: Your frequency setting (8594000) is out of range. (min/max:950000/2150000

I can also get sound from DVB-S2 although I don't know if that is

This is with 03afdb635ed2.


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