[linux-dvb] pinnacle 310i fail on some channels

KevinLuX kevinlux at karondimonio.it
Sun Mar 18 00:29:52 CET 2007

Hartmut Hackmann ha scritto:
> If kaffeine works but xine and scan not, the reason lies in your initial
> tuning file. If channel parameters - i.e. the guard interval - are wrong,
> the tda10046 won't lock. This can easily be the case since some other
> drivers just ignore these values.
Thanks, i replaced "AUTO" with correct value of QAM FEC...infact the 
output produced by "scan .... >> channels.conf" now works with xine and 
with almost all channel. On the other hand, scan find a large number of 
channel that i can't view with xine/mplayer and i think
that this is due to poor signal of this channels or maybe problem is 
antenna. I don't know if it is a board problem.
 From now i view 50% (*the very most important*) of all 60 channels.

> This is still the old firmware. Sorry, i didn't mention this:
> Depending on the card wiring, you either need to reload the saa7134 and
> saa7134-dvb module or even do a power cycle to get the new firmware
> loaded.
okay... sorry for my inexperience...
the result now is this :

tda1004x: setting up plls for 48MHz sampling clock
tda1004x: found firmware revision 29 -- ok

i think it shoud be correct.

> >>tda827x: tda8275a AGC2 gain is: 10 <<-- this message all time scanning
> Thats ok. If debugging is on, this message occurs at every tuning 
> attempt.
> BTW: this is maximum gain, is your antenna energy low?
i don't know about energy low.. i use normally an terrestrial antenna 
like this : http://personal.inet.fi/cool/lwgt/myoldvdr/uhf-antenna.jpg
but i try to use also a mobile antenna similar to this one : 
with the mobile antenna results are very very bad... but the message 
about gain is the same in both case.

> Thanks a lot for the offer, i will come back on this.
no problem u're welcome.

> Can you please follow the hints i gave you before we continue?
I hope that's you're request are satisfied, i'm not sure that i have 
done the right thing that u have requested :)
my english is not perfect and many times i don't understand perfectly 
what people want or say. .)

> Best regards
>   Hartmut

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