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>On 3/18/07, Darron Broad <darron at kewl.org> wrote:
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>> >On 3/18/07, Darron Broad <darron at kewl.org> wrote:
>> >> In message <1a297b360703180407r63b1e98dj561ae0a0abc8188f at mail.gmail.com>, "Manu Abraham" wrote:
>> >> >On 3/18/07, Darron Broad <darron at kewl.org> wrote:
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>> >> lo
>> >>
>> >> >> >> 3. the delivery field has to be set
>> >> >> >>
>> >> >> >
>> >> >> >
>> >> >> >delivery system is set using DVBFE_SET_PARAMS, without which you
>> >> >> >wouldn't be able to tune to anything, because of the switch statement.
>> >> >>
>> >> >> the delivery type is indeed taken from the command line and used for
>> >> >> logic in the code, however, it's not passed to the driver.
>> >> >>
>> >> >
>> >> >It is. Take a look at the delsys switch in the stb0899 driver. The
>> >> >STB0899 depends on the delivery system and the Physical Layer
>> >> >parameters to decide which modulation to use.
>> >> >
>> >> >http://linuxtv.org/hg/~manu/stb0899-c5?f=d6f0bf7681d1;file=linux/drivers/media/dvb/frontends/stb0899_drv.c;
>> >le=
>> >> >gitweb
>> >> >The delivery system is sent to the driver, without which
>> >> >tuning/demodulation is impossible "on any multistandard demod"
>> >>
>> >> specifically Steve's driver needs to the delivery system type
>> >> to be set when calling set_params.
>> >>
>> >> it would appear from your code snippet that your driver is
>> >> setting internal state when peforming a query. surely this
>> >> is illogical behaviour.
>> >
>> >
>> >Sorry, nope. Since the IOCTL is RW not R
>> >#define DVBFE_GET_INFO _IOWR('o', 85, struct dvbfe_info)
>> please explain why you have chosen a function named GET
>> to SET internal state.
>on a multistandard demod/tuner, what info do you want to get ? Rather
>than setting delivery system again which is redundant, it is used with
>the same IOCTL
>It doesn't matter whether one uses set_params (does a blind setup of
>the frontend) or search (uses a frontend dependant algorithm to do
>scan's /szap or say blindscan's)
>just that the delivery system type is cached in one IOCTL call, which
>anyway needs to be set to get the relevant delivery system type.

i can see what is happening but it doesn't make sense for a

GET ought to return current state as is, there is no point
making assumptions about what the application may or may
be doing next, because that's a total unknown. However, what
we do know is that application programmers won't be expecting
to change anything in a GET but will be in a SET.

whether what the GET returns being useful or not is not
interesting to me.

>> BTW, the unmodded szap only worked for you because it
>> queried the current state inadvertantly setting internal
>> state before calling set_params without actually specifying
>> the correct internal state.
>> if an application does a query and sets state to DVB-S2
>> then decides to tune to DVB-S the internal state will
>> be incorrect.
>Don't think so

If you refer to the code Steve wrote you will see that he has
made the obvious assumptions about get_info and set_params 

in the former it returns internal state, in the latter sets
intermal state. this is a widely understood interface concept.

>what szap does (on each szap) --
>* DVBFE_GET_INFO (set's up delivery system for querying the relevant info)
>* DVBFE_SET_PARAMS (set the "current" delivery system related parameters)
>Worked for me, both ways toggling between dvb-s and dvb-s2. For a
>couple of others as well, AFAICS.

it works in that code example with your driver due to it changing
state in the query. this is main point here. with Steve's code
the query doesn't alter state, but the delivery state must set
in set_params which the former szap did not do.



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