[linux-dvb] LifeView TV Walker Twin now mostly working

Nick Andrew nick-linuxtv at nick-andrew.net
Sun Mar 18 14:55:34 CET 2007

I'm pleased to report that my DVB-T receiver is now basically
working. I'm able to use it with Kaffeine to receive TV and
radio signals.

I used mkrufky's tree m920x driver + Hartmut Hackmann's latest
patch to tda1004x to support serial, plus my own patch to recognise
and initialise the device with its twin tuners and demodulators.

I got the remote control working by analysing the logs from usbsnoop
on windows: the Lifeview TV Walker Twin requires a different pair
of RC initialisation bytes compared to the Megasky.

I didn't have much success using scan and dvbstream but that may be
user error; I'll try again later.

I still have the problem where the device gets probed twice and so I
end up with 4 DVB adapters rather than 2. But I'm sure that's a minor
problem and the device is quite usable already; I think Kaffeine uses
both tuners 0 and 1 whenever it needs to (who knows what will happen
if it tries to use both tuner 0 and 2 simultaneously!)

So I'm very happy.


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