[linux-dvb] Problems after buil the source code from http://linuxtv.org/hg/v4l-dvb.

Francisco Demeter fdemeter at gmx.de
Mon Mar 19 18:39:51 CET 2007

Trent Piepho wrote:
> On Sun, 18 Mar 2007, Francisco Demeter wrote:
>> how to patch the source code, now the IR control is working, but my
>> webcam stops to work.
>> I try to rebuild the webcam driver gspcav, but i get still the same
>> error by load them:
>> root at todobarato:/usr/src/gspca-source/modules/gspca# dmesg | grep gspca
>> gspca: disagrees about version of symbol video_devdata
>> gspca: Unknown symbol video_devdata
> The gspca driver is getting built against the media drivers in your kernel
> source, but the media drivers you are using are the newer ones from the
> v4l-dvb Hg you installed.
> What you might be able to do, is to use
> make kernel-links
> >from v4l-dvb to copy v4l-dvb into your kernel source.  This will modify the
> kernel source you have installed, so you probably should back it up first!
> Now you can try to rebuild gspca against this new source.

Ok , but I am not understanding what exactly i need to copy where?
I think it will be complicated for me, if i don't now, what data should 
I replace.
I don't have so much  experience with kernel hacking.

Another solution more ease for me, can be if is a way to configure two 
cards, I have installed all so one leadtek winfast 2000 XP. where the 
remount control is working. What I don't now, if is possible to set up 
2  card at the same time, so that the IR work over the winfast 2000 XP.

So far I don't have any information how to do this, all ways I get 
recognized only one card and not the 2 cards.

I have a backup from my system, so that I can regenerate as was, with 
the web cam working.

Best regards, Francisco Demeter.
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