[linux-dvb] Nova 500 T obversation

Jeffrey Borg jeffrey at borgs.net
Wed Mar 21 00:58:31 CET 2007


This morning I had a freeze from the nvidia driver and the watchdog kicked 
in and reset the box.

Upon booting up the nova-t 500 card was playing up.  And something which 
hasn't been mentioned here is that this card will always crash for me 
unless I turn the power off when rebooting.

My firmware in use is
551df6387db5bf5a8ca4d10cc30beaa5  /lib/firmware/dvb-usb-dib0700-01.fw
29955 bytes in size (I think this in the 2nd version of the firmware)

Kernel is stock as is.

I also have a tevion dvb-220rf in the system as well. This is all running 
with mythtv. But I am not using eit data.

Jeffrey Borg

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