[linux-dvb] Re: Nova-T 500 user experience

Juha Ruotsalainen kontza at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 08:54:23 CET 2007

Hi there!

Just to let readers, and interested parties, know:
My current setup:
- Xubuntu 6.10
- 2.6.21.rc4
- v4ldvb checked out of Mercurial on 18. March
- VDR 1.4.5 from E-tobi sources.
- v01 firmware for dib0700 (I guess this is the first version?)

((( Plus xscreensaver is disabled. Don't know if this has anything to do
with it, but it caused hangups, i.e. nothing responded: there was nothing on
display, mouse & keyboard were not working. Usually it took less than an
hour to hangup. )))

Anyway, current uptime is (please wait, checking)... 16 h 36 min, and dmesg
output's last line has timestamp of 135 seconds since boot. No kernel
oopses, and no X hangups. Looking good.

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