[linux-dvb] MSI TV @nywhere a/d support

Dietmar Herrendörfer dietmar.herrendoerfer at arcor.de
Fri Mar 23 08:56:26 CET 2007

Hello Hartmut,
> Ok. So you say the card is working for you now?
Again, my initial post was because I thought that others had problems 
(see January, Trevor Glen, same subject line), which I did run into 
(intermediately) while trying to get my card going. So I threw in a few 
ideas of my own.
> I will upload some changes to my personal repository the next days.
> May i ask you to test these and report?
> I will leave you a note when i am ready.
I certainly can test the patches, but at the moment I cannot even 
reproduce the problems
> syslog:
> tda1004x: pll set failed
and I am running on a non-patched Debian Etch System on top of a 
standard linux kernel (versions 2.6.19.[12] and tested). So at 
the moment I could only find that the patches leave the system intact.


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