[linux-dvb] Afatech AF9015 - Some progress?

Andrew Leech andrew at floppyspongeonline.com
Sun Mar 25 01:29:59 CET 2007

Juan wrote:
> Please, I want to know if there are some progress with af9015 dvb-usb.
> Also I would like to help if needed testing current progress or whatever.
> Thanks and best regards,
> Juan Martín

Hi Juan, all,
Sorry there hasn't been much progress recently from me, I've got busy on 
other things. There's a couple of other guys I've forwarded my code on 
to who were having a go at writing some for it, haven't heard of any 
progress from them though, my code was probably too messy to work out 
what was going on.
Not sure when I'll have a chance to get back to it myself, I'm at uni 
again now and spending most free time trying to make money to live on, 
I'll let the list know if I get anywhere at any time.

*Andrew Leech

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