[linux-dvb] Terratec Cinergy 1200 and 170MHz frequency

Robert Schlabbach robert_s at gmx.net
Tue Mar 27 02:48:49 CEST 2007

From: "Olli Kattelus" <olli.kattelus at varikko.org>
> But unfortunately that didn't work. Allthough in my driver's code the
> border frequency was 160MHz (?). I tried to change it to <170, <=170 and
> <180 but nothing changed in tuning. Is there any else good ideas why 170
> is not working?

FWIW, the CU1216 datasheet says the mid-band covers the RF center
frequencies from 164 to 442MHz, so you should definitely tune to mid-band.
The IF center frequency is 36.15MHz, so program the PLL to 206.15MHz for
170MHz center frequency.

Robert Schlabbach
e-mail: robert_s at gmx.net
Berlin, Germany

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