[linux-dvb] OT: Re: linuxtv.org fell in the blacklists trap

Benny Amorsen benny+usenet at amorsen.dk
Thu Nov 1 11:41:02 CET 2007

>>>>> "DS" == David Santinoli <marauder at tiscali.it> writes:

DS> Please get real. While you have all the right to choose to run a
DS> mail server on a dynamic IP address, you cannot force your policy
DS> on the recipients. Considering that the overwhelming majority of
DS> the SMTP connections from dynamic addresses are originated by
DS> spambots, it is perfectly advisable to refuse mail from such
DS> servers, as any sensible mail administrator knows.

Many "dynamic" addresses listed by by SORBS are in fact statically
assigned. In SORBS-terminology, "dynamic" means "owner of address does
not control reverse DNS for address".

Feel free to drop mail from SORBS-listed addresses. If I catch a
company using SORBS for blacklisting, they get crossed off my list of
suppliers. As far as I'm concerned, SORBS is blackmail, not blacklist.


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