[linux-dvb] OT: Re: linuxtv.org fell in the blacklists trap

José Bernardo Bandos Rodrigues bernardo at bandos.net
Thu Nov 1 17:18:05 CET 2007

2007/11/1, David Santinoli <marauder at tiscali.it>:
> If my server got listed for the reason above I'd rather put my efforts
> in getting a decent reverse lookup, as this is likely to cause problems
> well beyond a rejection by SORBS.

My server is blacklisted because all my ISP dynamic pool IPs are
blacklisted. The only solution I have to get around SORBS blackmail is to
use my ISP mail server as a forwarding server. It's a somewhat less
expensive solution, but also a non-optimal one. But I have no choice - too
many people are using SORBS blackmail list.
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