[linux-dvb] DVB-S2 API vs. HVR4000: When?

rjkm rjkm at metzlerbros.de
Sat Nov 3 00:56:58 CET 2007

Manu Abraham writes:
 > If you have had crack, then you will see cracks everywhere . :)
 > > I don't understand Ralph's involvement in your Linux projects, and why
 > > the alternative direction mattered to him.
 > > 
 > If you see the initial proposal, there were so many people involved, Ralph too,
 > he used to hang out on IRC along with us. Please see the original post when 
 > the STB0899 driver was made public.
 > There were reasons why it mattered to him. He was also involved in an
 > STB0899 based project, which he can disclose if he is interested.

There is a nice little PCIe dual STB0899 reference platform I wrote
drivers for. But I don't know if it will ever be built by anybody.


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