[linux-dvb] hvr4000 patch for your multiproto tree

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 19:19:54 CET 2007


gimli wrote:
> Hi,
> the last days i played around to add support for the WinTV Nova HD S2 and
> hvr4000/3000 cards from the hvr4000 to your tree. is there any chance to
> get the patch in your tree so we have only one tree for the new dvb-s2
> drivers ?

I don't know whether Steven is going to like this or not, but i can help you out 
on the issues that which you face.

> i have attached you the patch. one thing i saw in the kernel log was :
> [ 1993.706840] dvb_frontend_ioctl: DVBFE_GET_INFO
> [ 1993.706847] dvb_frontend_ioctl: ERROR !!! Converting New parameters -->
> Old parameters
> [ 1993.706850] dvb_frontend_ioctl: FESTATE_RETUNE: fepriv->state=2
> [ 2000.716913] dvb_frontend_ioctl: DVBFE_GET_INFO
> [ 2000.716958] dvb_frontend_ioctl: ERROR !!! Converting New parameters -->
> Old parameters
> [ 2000.716961] dvb_frontend_ioctl: FESTATE_RETUNE: fepriv->state=2
> [ 2011.609450] dvb_frontend_ioctl: DVBFE_GET_INFO
> [ 2011.609457] dvb_frontend_ioctl: FESTATE_RETUNE: fepriv->state=2
> could help me fixing this ?

Sure. Marco Schluessler is working on a fix, exactly for the same, day before 
yesterday, he said he will have a fix in a day or two. Since he is already 
working on it, would be nice for him to send the patch rather than myself 
working on the same. I am awaiting his patch.

Have added CC's to Marko and the DVB ML. Marco is not subscribed to the ML

> thx
> Edgar (gimli) Hucek


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