[linux-dvb] DVB tuning in JNI does not work

Ben Bucksch news at bucksch.org
Wed Nov 7 23:24:08 CET 2007

I'm trying to write a DVB recording application in Java. I chose JNI and
a small native C/C++ function for tuning. However, I can't get tuning to
work - I get no tuning lock and nothing on dvr either.

As a test, I also copied the szap code verbatim into my file and just
called zap_to() instead of my code, and it did not work either. Plain
szap on commandline works.
This suggests JVM/JNI as culprit, but dvbcentral also uses JNI and it
seems to work (at least for its author, haven't tried myself).

Does anybody have an idea what's going on? I suspect I'm just doing
*something* wrong, but I have no idea what, and no targetted way (like
error messages) to find out.

Source attached. Hints appreciated. Thanks!

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