[linux-dvb] Non blocking IO on dvr0 device

Simon Hargreaves simon at cellcast.tv
Thu Nov 8 14:52:26 CET 2007

I've been writing a rolling video recording programme that stores the 
transport stream to disk in half hour chunks. And to allow it to cope 
with retuning of the satellite card and still continue to record I've 
opened the devices and used fcntl to turn it into a non blocking device. 
Now the systems seems to work fine apart from after about 24 hours the 
box runs out of system memory and no processes will run. It looks like 
the problem is in kernel space as there are no large processes running 
but there is still no memory available.
I'm thinking that opening and closing the dvr0 handle as a non blocking 
is causing a memory leak. Is this a known issue? I'm using  
2.6.12-gentoo-r6 #1 SMP kernel.


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