[linux-dvb] Non blocking IO on dvr0 device

Simon Hargreaves simon at cellcast.tv
Fri Nov 9 10:42:01 CET 2007

David Härdeman wrote:
> On Fri, November 9, 2007 03:33, Felix Domke wrote:
>> Banana Banana wrote:
>>> On Nov 9, 2007 12:22 AM, Simon Hargreaves <simon at cellcast.tv> wrote:
>>>> I'm using
>>>> 2.6.12-gentoo-r6 #1 SMP kernel.
>>> Try a more recent kernel?
>> No, this is not the correct response to a bug.
> Of course it is when the poster's kernel is more than 2 years old (2.6.12
> was released on June 17, 2005).

I'm aware that the kernel release is somewhat ancient in terms of 
drivers and such. I was interested to find out if this was a known issue 
with a known fix. I have a number of machines with identical 
configurations and rolling out new kernel versions across a live system, 
and disrupting it's homogeneity, without knowing if it will fix the 
problem is something I was trying to avoid.
I've started the process of doing a system wide update on one of the 
machines, because I realise that a lot happens between that many kernel 
versions, but the danger of losing a live system and having to rebuild 
is always there. I'll let you know if it fixes the problem.


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