[linux-dvb] Command line dvb tuning utilities

Simon Hargreaves simon at cellcast.tv
Fri Nov 9 17:28:35 CET 2007

What dvb tuning command line utilities are there for linux at the 
moment? The options I have a zap, but this does not tune to a service ID 
it requires specified video and audio pids, or dvbtune which although 
will tune into a service id it doesn't set the dvr0 device up for TS 
recording as well as locking the device so no other process can access 
it. My programme is set up to do recording directly from the dvr0 data 
stream, this used to work on my old kernel version but since updating my 
system to use 2.6.22 it now longer appears to work.
The only options appear to be coding my own command line interface to 
the dvb device, but I'd rather not reinvent the wheel.


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