[linux-dvb] Future of HVR3000?

James A R Brown jarb1 at uk2.net
Sun Nov 11 17:56:46 CET 2007

I guess this email is more for Steve and Manu.

It is very pleasing to see the work going on for the HVR4000 and pushing
the multiproto tree back into the main tree.

Infact its a breath of fresh air as I have sadly watched the HVR3000
branch be stripped to DVB-T and merged in without the DVB-S Support and
was actually wondering if the card would be simply passed over by
LinuxTV. It probably almost has by the HVR4000, but then again HVR3000
is becoming a cheap card in the UK. (1/2 price of HVR4000)

So my question is, once HVR4000 and multiproto are back in the main
tree, are there any plans to also merge in the HVR3000 tree with
multiproto support or should I stick them on ebay and look to the

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