[linux-dvb] TechniSat Air2PC-ATSC-USB devices

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Mon Nov 12 02:15:06 CET 2007

Michael Krufky wrote:
> Your comment here doesn't sound very nice :-(

Don't worry, I'm just being a jerk.

> I said it uses the LG-H064f, and that's what it says on the wiki.

Indeed, this is true for the AirStar-HD5000-USB.

However, this thread _isn't_ about that device.  This was clearly
indicated by three pts:

- thread title: TechniSat Air2PC-ATSC-USB devices

"Yeah but the ...."

Me: "yeah but" I know people will potentially get confused between the
new device and old devices, and that is PRECISELY why I added two more
pts that would (or should have) dispelled the chance of confusion
between the devices.   Specifically, the insertion of the keyword
"older" AND a direct link to these older devices being discussed. 

> What erroneous information?  

While factually correct, your response was contextually wrong. Hence, it
was an erroneous response.

My frustration was born due to the fact that I had to enter into the
discussion again to correct or bring to light the mis-information that
was introduced .... information that, in my opinion, shouldn't have
entered the discussion in the first place ... and that is why I said you
shot from the hip, as it does not appear that you gave much
consideration to the content of the original message.

(Back on topic)

In any event, it is doubtful that these older devices (the original
Broadcom based one, and then the later Nxt2002 based one) are actually
supported - I certainly can find no evidence of such (mind you it was a
cursory search, so it was far from a concerted effort). 

I have no idea who originally reported them as supported; I just know
that they were listed as so in the old (and very retarded) "DVB USB"
article in the wiki ... that colossally awkward article has since been
torn apart, but the information about the old Air2PC-ATSC-USB models was
passed on "as is" (by me)  to the "ATSC USB Devices" article and their
device article (

http://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/TechniSat_Air2PC-ATSC-USB ) which I created. 

Nor do I have any idea of what usb bridge they used ..... up until a
little while ago, I didn't even know that a 3rd party USB bridge chip
was necessary, as I thought/was-under-the-impression that the B2C2 chip
had, in addition to its PCI interface, a native USB interface
implemented....though, now, I know that that certainly doesn't appear to
be the case......["yeah but the wiki says...."...."yeah but" I already
made note of the fact that I thought that was wrong.  Perhaps I'll
eventually get around to fixing it ... then again, perhaps I may never. 
In any regard, I certainly don't see anyone else running out making the

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I have strong doubts whether any
of these devices were actually sold in the retail market place.  As P.B
correctly noted, these are USB 1.1 devices which, given the inherent
bandwidth limitation, would, even despite the PID filtering capabilities
of the B2C2, make for a dog-pooh of a device for typical use in the ATSC
userspace.  So, while I have no doubts about reference design models and
engineering samples existing, the mere fact that these were listed by
TechniSat/BBTI still does not convince me that there are any users out
there in possession of any of them.

So, consequently, after making a short story long, and to make that very
same long story short, I would advise readers not worry about these
devices ..... I've already forgotten about them and so should you (the

Carry on.

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