[linux-dvb] Force cold reset / firmware reload of PCI device (Nova T 500)

Thierry Lelegard thierry.lelegard at tv-numeric.com
Wed Nov 14 11:15:27 CET 2007


This has already been asked here but I can't remember if an answer was found.
When you have a PCI device such as the Hauppauge Nova T 500, you upgrade the
drivers and firmware (meaning copy a new file into /lib/firmware), you may
force an unload/reload of the driver in the kernel but is there a way to
force a reload of the firmware in the device without switching power off?

If the answer is no with the current drivers, is there a way to force the
device to do a cold reset (throwing loaded firmware)? If this answer is
yes, could it be possible to add this feature in the driver?


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