[linux-dvb] [kdvb-ca-0:0] always "running" -- using TT3200 with CI/CAM

Patrick Bulteel linuxtv at bulteel.org
Wed Nov 14 13:19:58 CET 2007


I have a TT3200 which I am testing with Manu's latest Multiproto tree. I have a
CI and a CAM and my subscription card which I just took out of my Sky box. I
have Kids package so I should be able to see Cartoon Network and such.

Whenever I try capturing one of those channels my capture couldn't be read by
any application, but if I go to BBC 1 London for example, it works fine. (I'm
using Kaffeine with no patches to view the TS captures.)

Now I asked a question before about which application I could use to zap those
encrypted channels and have them decrypted with my CAM, etc, but didn't quite
get the answer I wanted... but I have since noticed that even when I don't have
ANY application capturing DVB (i.e. I'm not szapping or tzapping or anything) I
still have a [kdvb-ca-0:0] process running.

That is to say, that I can cleanly reboot my system, not have mythtv-backend
start and the ONLY "ps -ef | grep dvb" process I see is [kdvb-ca-0:0]

root      3855     2  0 12:02 ?        00:00:00 [kdvb-ca-0:0]

Is that suppose to happen? The dmesg says it detects it and initializes
successfully etc, everything indicates it should work. 

What am I doing wrong? Should szap allow me to capture an
encrypted->CAM(decrypted->sky subscription) stream? 

I am slowly starting to get my system working but have these questions that
aren't quite answered anywhere. I'll gladly put something on the wiki to avoid
confusion and people asking this question again once I understand how this works.

Oh, and pardon my ignorance in this subject.



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